Johan Ernst Nilson has been appointed Nepal’s Tourism Goodwill Ambassador for Visit Nepal 2020. On 6th of May the honor was presented to him by Suraj Vaidya in an amidst gathering of tourism entrepreneurs, travel trade association heads, media professionals and youth leaders. Mr. Nilson is a Swedish explorer, known as an “environmental explorer” because of his interest in environment and climate-related issues. He has been featured on globally renowned media outlets such as the BBC, CNN, Discovery Channel, National Geographic Channel and also on the cover of TIME magazine.

“I’m honored and proud to be appointed Global Goodwill Ambassador for Nepal. I would like to thank the Prime Minister, Visit Nepal and Nepal Tourist Board for your kind recognition and honor. I have been returning to Nepal for 20 years and I’ve seen it grow and develop into a new country, but still keeping its original values and traditions. From the Sherpas in the mountains to the Nepali’s in Kathmandu – I see kindness and a warmth that it’s rare to see nowadays.” said Mr. Nilson.

Congratulations Mr. Nilson, we look forward to achieving a grand success of Visit Nepal 2020.

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