Nepal is well known for stunning Himalayas and trekking trails. Nepal has proved to be the one of the top destination for adventure and trekking. The terrain of the Nepalese Himalayas offers various stunning trekking routes. The diversity of trekking in Nepal cannot be found in any other region of the world from the lowest point 59 m above sea-level in the Terai region to the highest point is Everest, 8,848 m above sea-level. The best trek for one depends on his/her choice of difficulty and number of days one spend for treks. Up to the mid 1960s only a few trekkers had generally visited Nepal and back then as part of groups of expedition followers. Trekking in Nepal today is completely different to that of the 1960s. For comfort of trekkers main trekking areas, the National Parks and Conservation Areas lodges have been established. Now trekkers can find accommodation, food and meet other trekkers and locals along the way. In addition to this, the majority of the trails are well maintained and in many cases are sign-posted.

The Best Trek for Travelers

Trekkers can enjoy the beautiful journey along with freshwater streams, fragrance of the seasonal flowers blooming along the trails, glimpses of rare wildlife and simply the sense of pleasant wilderness. The high snowy mysterious mountains are one of the best destinations for adventure seekers. On top of that the trails to these peaks are decorated with lush green forests and unforgettable local delicacies. Nepal Trekking tours gives travelers a choice to make of their own from a simple hiking to a thrilling journey. It is in Kathmandu that trekkers need to acquire their permits and other documentation, either from a trekking agent or from the appropriate offices.

Previously, Nepal was well-known for its traditional routes only. The routes led to Everest, Annapurna and Langtang regions. With the change of time and appreciation from visitors, the government of Nepal developed a number of heritage trails. The trails developed connects the local culture with nature and gave an easy access to the regions for the visitors to enjoy. These days due to development in trekking sector, Kanchenjunga in the extreme east and Dolpo in northwest Nepal are also gaining ground as new popular destination for trekking.